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    Watch: Uttarakhand Minister Fights Forest Fire With Shrub As He’s Filmed

    Minister Harak Singh Rawat thrashes about with the shrub, apparently making no difference to the fire.

    At a time Uttarakhand is fighting forest fires at over 900 spots, a state minister’s unusual attempt to tackle the crisis has caught the attention of many on social media.

    In a video in circulation online, minister Harak Singh Rawat is seen attacking the flames with a plant as a TV crew films him in action. The minister was reportedly at Garwal hills last evening when the video was taken.

    The minister thrashes about with the shrub, apparently making no difference to the blaze but pressing on nevertheless.

    Then the camera angle changes and the forest fire is no longer visible. Only Mr Rawat is seen, still going at the flames and producing sparks in the process.

    The video drew comments from many, especially environment activists.

    “The brave forest minister of Uttarakhand HarakSinghRawat is playing a huge role in dousing the #Forestfire with the latest technology. I’m sure his historical action will give us relief from the Uttarakhand forest fire,” tweeted green activist Aarav Seth.

    But some tweets gave a shout-out to the minister for his initiative.

    On Sunday, Mr Rawat told reporters that helicopters would be used to try and douse the fires.

    “Fire broke out at 964 locations in state. Seven animals and four persons died and two persons were injured. The weather made it challenging for the state government. The Chief Minister (Tirath Singh Rawat) and I are monitoring situation separately. We’ll try to douse the fire with helicopters,” said the minister.

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