Farmers Republic Day Tractor Parade in Delhi to demonstrate portraits and illustrations

Farmers Republic Day Tractor Parade in Delhi to demonstrate portraits and illustrations my kanglatongbi
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Farmers Republic Day Tractor Parade in Delhi to demonstrate portraits and illustrations throughout the states enacting village life, the protest in opposition to the Centre’s argumentative farm laws, and summoning their courage, in accordance to organizers.

A farmer leader told PTI that instructions were circulated to all organizations cooperating in the protest to outfit illustrations for the Republic day parade.

“Around one lakh tractor-trolleys from across the nation will cooperate in the parade. An estimated 30 percent of these will have tableaux on varying themes, including the history of the farmers” movement in India, the role of women farmers and farming traditions obeyed in various states,” he said.

Several children from Maharashtra’s Vidarbha area have also outlined illustrations on farmer deaths by suicide.

“Children of farm producers who faded by suicide are expected to join in the parade. Their view will depict the griefs suffered by farmers of the area that faces water insufficiency,” a member of Swaraj India said.

Tableaux from Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttarakhand will demonstrate how fruits and vegetables are cultivated in rugged terrains.

Cooperators from Punjab and Haryana will showcase classical and modern farming technology and figures of women milking cows and farmers herding bullock carts.

A member of the Samyukta Kisan Morcha (SKM), a joint front of the protesting farmer unions, stated the parade is expected to spring from the 5 border points of Delhi — Singhu, Tikri, Ghazipur, Palwal, and Shahjahanpur — the places where farmers have been tenting since November 28 last year.

Farmers Republic Day Tractor Parade in Delhi to demonstrate portraits and illustrations
Image source: NDTV India

The tractor parade will begin after the official Republic Day parade ends at Rajpath and cover a reach of more than 100 kilometers before completing around 6 pm, he answered.

A war room has been arranged at each protest site to assure adequate coordination throughout the parade.

There will be 40 members, together with medical doctors, security staff, and social media supervisors, the SKM member spoke.

Around 40 ambulances will be assigned along the path to tend to any medical urgency.

Another farmer’s head said around 2,500 volunteers have been disposed to affirm that the parade ensures peace and no unfavorable conflict takes place.

The volunteers have been provided badges and identity cards.

A unit of ex-servicemen partaking in the protest will also keep an eye on the security scenario.

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The Delhi Police has granted to withdraw the barricades at Singhu and Tikri to allow farmers to enter Delhi.

Farmer leaders mentioned the tractor parade will continue peacefully and will not create any effect on the official Republic Day parade in any means.

Passed in September last year, the three farm laws have been forecasted by the Centre as main reforms in the agriculture sector that will remove middle-men and empower farmers to trade their products wherever in the country.

Despite this, the protesting farmers have exposed their trepidation that the brand-new laws would pave the way for eliminating the safety buffer of minimum support price and do away with the ”mandi” (wholesale market) system, leaving them at the commiseration of prominent corporates.

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