Pukhrambam Narjit Heisnam Asangbi Sanagi Medal 2018

Pukhrambam Narjit Heisnam Asangbi Sanagi Medal 2018
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Profile: Shree Pukhrambam Narjit Singh

Heisnam Asangbi Sanagi Medal


Profile:Shree Pukhrambam Narjit Singh

Heisnam Asangbi Sanagi Medal

(Shrimati Heisnam Asangbi Devi Na Katchaba)

Shree Pukhrambam Narjit Singh was born on sixth February, 1983 at Pukhrambam Mamang Leikai, Bishnupur District.

He’s the son of Pukhrambam Nimai Singh and Chungkham ningol Pukhrambam ongbi Chaobihal.

Pukhrambam Narjit is a Nat Sankritan artiste.

His first guru was Shree Thiyam Mangoljao Singh and started to study Nat Sankritan from the instructor on the age of 13.

Then he took steering from Shree Leimapokpam Lakhpati Singh and started to take part in Nupa macha pala and Khubak Eshei held throughout Rathayatra festivals.

Later Narjit proceed to study songs, cholom, raag, Taal and Raas from lecturers like

Guru Laishram Ibohalmacha,

Nameirakpam Manao Singh,

Yumnam Jatra Singh,

Elangbam Chaobhal Singh,

Thoudam Yaishkul,

Khoisnam Kirti Singh,

Ningthoujam Shyamchand Singh,

Laishram Itomcha Singh and

Shree Samom Kumar.

He has participated in lots of state stage Taal competitors, Baasok competitors, Raas competitors and Cholom competitors.

He has carried out as Eshei Hanba in Nat Sankritan held at Silchar in Assam, Brindavan, Chidambaram in Chennai and Nabadwip Dham.

For his contribution within the subject of Manipuri Nat Sankritan, Pukhrambam Narjit was conferred the “Heisnam Asangbi Sana gi Medal” on the 83rd Annual Convention of Manipuri Sahitya Parishad, Imphal.

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It is a Translation from Manipuri textual content into English executed by Bidyarani Thingujam

This text was posted on December 26, 2020.

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