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    Emergency Tele Consultation for Manipur 20210721

    Emergency Tele Consultation for Manipur

    Date : 20th July 2021 :: Picasoid Health Technology, Imphal

    PiCaSoid launches “EMERGENCY TELE CONSULTATION” – Connecting doctors within 30 mins. –

    PiCaSoid: One of the most reliable tele consultation provider in the state of Assam and Manipur is all set to kick start “EMERGENCY TELE CONSULTATION” service. With this service PiCaSoid will be connecting a patient with an online doctor within a very short period of time during EMERGENCY request.

    The patient will not be required to travel and will be consulting doctor from the comfort of their home. The only thing they need to do is to book an appointment using PiCaSoid App.

    “With PiCaSoid Emergency Tele Consutation, our team will connect both doctor and patient through a simple phone call, followed by video call (if required) during emergency request. We have added some buffer time to make it 30 minutes to connect, but our target is to deliver it within 10 minutes or less, added Rojen Leimapokpam, CEO of PiCaSoid.”

    Sometimes we receive request from our users to arrange doctors in late night or want to consult doctors for an emergency advice. The request has been increasing and we want our users to be connected immediately with an available online doctor, further added Rojen Leimapokpam. With the current scenario of covid 19 pandemic, people are finding it difficult to access healthcare services.

    Reason includes less or non-availability of public transport, fear of visiting hospital, requirement of covid (-) result, lockdown and curfew etc.. Healthcare centres are experiencing less footfall in OPD’s and are preparing round the clock to combat the deadly Covid 19 virus.

    With the doctor patient ratio of 1:1700 in India, doctors are delivering their best to serve patient with full dedication. However, due to this pandemic, patient are finding it difficult to consult a doctor for their illness. There is a huge gap and on this occasion PiCaSoid will come into the picture to connect both doctor and patient within a short period of time.

    PiCaSoid is a healthtech IT startup from Manipur, currently supported by NRL IDEATION and an incubatee in Startup Acceleration Program for SAPNE 1.0 AIC-SMUTBI, supported by AIM, NITI AAYOG, Government of India and Startup India.

    PiCaSoid Mobile App can be downloaded from the link below:

    Android App: https://bit.ly/2S4iPnI

    iOS App: https://apple.co/2CCWclP

    Rojen Leimapokpam

    Chief Executive Officer

    Picasoid Health Technology Pvt. Ltd.

    Imphal East, Manipur, India.

    Website: https://www.picasoid.co.in/

    * This information is sent to e-pao.net by Rojen Leimapokpam
    who can be contacted at rojen(AT)picasoid(DOT)co(DOT)in

    This Post was webcasted on 21 July 2021

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