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    Covid-19: Health department focus now on 358 micro pockets in Assam | Guwahati News – Times of India

    GUWAHATI: Over 358 micro-containment zones, identified as ‘high case areas’, are contributing to over 90% of the daily cases in Assam, senior health department officials said on Wednesday.
    Though Assam has a low positivity rate when compared to other states in the region, around 1,700 cases are being reported daily, which is the highest in the northeast. Five districts in the state are currently under round-the-clock curfew.
    “Our focus is now on all containment areas. If we can bring down the number of cases in these identified pockets, Assam will recover from the second wave,” Assam National Health Mission (NHM) executive director, Dr Manoj Choudhury, told TOI on Wednesday.
    The areas where the cases are being reported from have been earmarked, he said, except in Guwahati. “In Guwahati there is a constant movement of people at airport and railway stations where people have been testing positive. But in rural districts, the focused areas are well marked and put under containment. Infections are being tested mostly in the containment zones,” Choudhury added.
    During the second wave, 7,900 locations were turned into micro-containment zones in the state, but the number of active micro-containment zones has drastically reduced. “At least 50% of these micro-containment zones are in the five districts which are under curfew,” he said.
    Assam health director, Dr Rathindra Bhuyan, said that there has been a gradual decline in the number of daily cases. “At present we are seeing a decline in the number of daily cases by 200 to 300 after a gap of a week. The numbers are coming down slowly,” he said.
    The uneven trend of Covid positivity has also confounded health experts in Assam where the rate has again gone beyond 2%. After 12 days, the state’s positivity rate touched 2.09% on Wednesday. The last time the positivity rate shot up beyond 2% it was on July 9 when it recorded a rate of 2.13%.
    The number of tests drastically reduced on Wednesday, compared to the previous day when 1,798 cases were detected. Nearly 1,547 people tested positive though the number of tests dropped from Tuesday’s 1.42 lakh to 74,114 on Wednesday. Kamrup (Metro) tested 193 positive cases. While the recovery rate improved to 96.06%, Covid deaths have again gone up to 25. The daily Covid fatalities declined to 10 on Tuesday.
    Considering the weekly declining trend, Assam may be freed of Covid to a large extent by August. However, a possible third wave remains a sore point. “If the third wave comes, Assam could be in trouble because of fewer vaccinations. The second wave is still on here though Delhi saw a noticeable recovery several days ago,” said a senior health official.

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