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    Assam peaceful under NDA, violence regular in Bengal: PM | Guwahati News – Times of India

    GUWAHATI: PM Narendra Modi on Wednesday made a whirlwind tour of two constituencies of the state where he said while Assam under the NDA has been peaceful in the last five years, violence is a regular affair in neighbouring West Bengal.
    Speaking at Sipajhar in Darrang district Modi said, “We have developed bridges of peace in Assam. In the last five years, violence and revolts in the state have ended. Under Congress, it was very regular. It still takes place regularly in Bengal where an Opposition party is sitting for the last 10 years.”
    Talking about BJP’s manifesto of Assam, which was released by party president JP Nadda, he said, “Five years ago, we had come to you with a promise of transformation. Today, we have come with the belief of swift development riding on a double-engine government. Our manifesto will bring prosperity for the people of Assam.” At his first election rally at Bihupria in Lakhimpur district, the PM stated, “Congress wants to loot the state. We want to govern the state to serve the people. We want every poor to get a house and provide gas and tap connection.” He also cautioned people of Assam to be careful with Congress and urged them to vote for BJP in the coming assembly elections.
    Modi once again raised the issue of illegal immigrants and blamed the previous Congress government for influx.

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