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    Assam: Congress says BJP nervous as there’s buzz of Mahajot victory | Guwahati News – Times of India

    GUWAHATI: Congress thinks BJP isn’t confident about the elections this time. Chhattisgarh chief minister Bhupesh Baghel, who is also the Congress observer for Assam elections, said on Thursday that the ground reports suggest a resounding victory of the Congress-led alliance, the Mahajot.
    Baghel feels Congress will dominate in the first phase of the elections for 47 seats that are crucial for the BJP to retain power. “This election is different: this time the people of Assam are going to vote to save Assam and the Assamese identity. This time they won’t just vote, but through the vote they will seal their victory against unemployment, price rise, CAA and an economic standstill. The five guarantees by the Congress will give the grand alliance a resounding victory,” Baghel told the media here.
    Congress said whether it is the Prime Minister or home minister or “Assam’s derailed double engine leader”, no one is prepared to face the real questions of the people about unemployment, inflation, floods, livelihood of tea plantation workers, and smuggler syndicates dominating the government.
    But one of the most important issues for the people, Baghel said, is the Citizenship (Amendment) Act. “While BJP has been vocal about CAA for long, the silence of the BJP leaders of Assam has exposed the dual nature of the party,” Baghel said.
    Earlier in West Bengal, home minister Amit Shah had asserted that if the BJP was elected to office, it would implement CAA in the first cabinet meeting. Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi has called it treachery.
    Assam Congress also condemned Shah’s statement in which he had allegedly said that there have been no protests in Assam during the five years of the Sonowal government. “He wants to simply obliterate the anti-CAA uprising that happened in Assam. He wants to deny the existence of those young boys like Sam Strafford and Dipanjol who lost their lives in police firing. What can be more unfortunate for the people of Assam than this?” Congress’s statement read.
    Congress criticised the ruling party for not sending anyone to visit the families of anti-CAA movement martyrs while pointing out that Rahul Gandhi had visited Hatigaon and Chaygaon to share the pain of the families of those killed in the agitation.

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