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    About Us

    The New millennial enthusiasts, a club of digital creators, marketers, bloggers, and web developers residing the passions to digitalize the NEW Kanglatongbi.

    The world is changing, will never be a status quo. Are we?

    The COVID era has molded the human-race into an intense realization for a powerful unification to endure and neutralize the virus.

    This has additionally yielded a robust notion of the necessity for technology so for this reason, - the brainstorming ideas and concepts began to emerge to take advantage of our knowledge.

    Likewise, we formulate that the unification of our place is indispensable if we incline to hop the analog interval and transit to the digital space.

    That, we mean, respectable path, direction and guidance, updates, well-liked affairs, education, and value-added information.

    So we launched


    My Kanglatongbi: News| Education| e-commerce|Sports.

    "Helping people from Kanglatongbi to be updated and stay cognizant of all the significant and breaking news all over the world."


    "We strive to collaboratively conceptualize value-added initiatives so that we may continue to stay competitive in tomorrow's world."